Letter No. 38 (September 2009)

In this issue: a synthesis of 5 years of BehaviorScan testing in real-life situation; the launch of WebScan; an interview with Cécile COUTENS from the Mars group on how they use TVScan; and the feedback from LU on Consumer Zoom.


Letter No. 37 (October 2008)

In this issue: the launch of the 1st Purchasing - Internet single-source in partnership with Médiamétrie; an interview with Jean-Marc DRUBAY on the use of loyalty card data and an interview with Paul-Valentin N'GOBO on the influence of 9-ending prices.


Letter No. 36 (April 2008)

In this issue: an interview with Stéphane BIOT and Patrick COPLO from Cora; the development of BehaviorScan Pharma with IMS; media affinities and the progression of TV advertising.

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