«We wished to test a new Merchandising approach that was really strategic for us, as we needed to measure precisely the impact on volumes and revenue of this new shelf organization.

We have chosen MarketingScan to test this new approach because we both needed to test it in real conditions and have a turnkey solution to implement it. We are very satisfied of the precious help brought by MarketingScan's store team in the negociation with the stores and the daily follow up of the test, as well as of the valuable insights brought by MarketingScan's consultant who gave us key advices along the test to achieve a really performant result.»

Trade Marketing Manager at Barilla



«With the MarketingScan test market, we were able to validate our Marketing mix and our launch plan for Philadelphia. For example, the results had us question the efficiency of our TV advertising campaigns and later optimize the copy.

Besides, we also adapted our promotional strategy, since we now know the most efficient way to invest on this lever.

Finally, consumers from Angers had the opportunity to buy Philadelphia and buy the brand again for 6 months. Only the test market could provide us with this key teaching on the repeat buying process of Philadelphia. This gives us leads for action and strategy in the future. In fine, we are now confident in the national launch plan and in the final potential of Philadelphia in France.»

Brand Leader Philadelphia



«I conducted a test in real-life situation within test areas and I gladly recommend MarketingScan. I was quite satisfied with the implementation of this test.

Several main differentiating benefits:


● The stores from their test areas are "protected", particularly from our competitors' operations, and are made sensitive to tests. This is all the more noteworthy as checkout display management is very specific.

● Besides, the relationship between MarketingScan and the points of sales is such that test parameters can be highly flexible and adaptable, going as far as stock management for example. Displaying in the stores took place smoothly, without any problem. MarketingScan's teams proved to be impressively resourceful.

● Finally, the follow up in time was very good and guaranteed that the test parameters were properly implemented all along: reliable measurements with unquestionable results.»

Category Manager


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New Business & Communication Director

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